Marc Eliot

With Gillian Armstrong filming her new documentary

In Berlin for New Year's Eve and into January 2014. It was cold!

New York City 2013

Up at the country house.

In Nanjing

At the publishing party for "Jimmy Stewart"

Attending a publishing event, the Chinese Consul in New York City

New York City

New York City

Up at the country house

Landing by helicopter in Sao Paulo, Brazil 1995

Five years old



So much has happened since I last updated my site! I did a second appearance at the prestigious 92nd Street Y in Manhattan. I was interviewed on film for the new DVD release of Ronald Reagan's 1964 thriller, The Killers, directed by Don Siegel. The publishing party for Jack Nicholson was held at The Friars in October 2013. I did a slew of international television to promote it, and it has now been published in 11 languages. I also participated in Australian filmmaker Gillian Armstrong's next feature, a documentary about the life of Orry-Kelly. It was shot for theatrical release, due next year. In it I talk about Orry-Kelly's relationship with Cary Grant. I am scheduled to appear in another DVD about Reagan, currently being produced out of L.A. Let me tell you about my new book, American Titan: Searching for John Wayne. It's a little different than other books about Wayne, and something I think you will enjoy. And, I will be making my fourth annual appearance at Freedomfest in Las Vegas in July (2014). I will give two lectures and participate in a few panel discussions. I'm also one of the judges of the film festival. And something else big is happening in Vegas in July. I will tell you all about soon.
That's it for now, more to come. Thanks for stopping by!
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Jack Nicholson - A Biography

Paris. Photo by Xiaolei

With the legendary Tony Curtis, Beverly Hills, Summer, 2008

In Paris

In a Tibetan village near Shangri-La with a little friend. May 2008

Paris. Photo by Xiaolei

with Gong Li, the Shanghai International Film Festival. Photo by Xiaolei

With "Uncle Junior" at the Friar's Club (sorry for the blurry image!)

Going up the mountain in Shangri-La. Elevation 14,000 feet.

New York City, on my roof


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A fresh look at the life of Jimmy Stewart
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