Marc Eliot

New York City 2013

Up at the country house.

She taught me how to raise a smile from a garden of blue

In Nanjing

At the publishing party for "Jimmy Stewart"

At a publishing event, the Chinese Consul in New York City

New York City

New York City

At the country house

Landing by helicopter in San Paulo, Brazil 1995

Five years old


Jack Nicholson - A Biography

Paris. Photo by Xiaolei

With the legendary Tony Curtis, Beverly Hills, Summer, 2008

My new biography of Jack Nicholson will be published October 29 by Crown Archetype. I think its one of my best.
I just returned from a brief mini-tour, with a stop in Las Vegas at Freedom Fest, where I gave two talks about films and served as a judge for their film festival.
I was also interviewed by Cineaste Magazine for their summer issue. I am trying to put up a link to it for you. A pretty good piece.
We will be having a publishing party at The Friars on the 29th, invitation only, to launch Jack in New York City.
For those of you who missed it, I made a rare NYC appearance in January at the 92nd St. Y, downtown, to talk about Steve McQueen. A lot of my friends showed up, very gratifying. We had a full house, an author's dream. And, the paperback of my biography of Michael Douglas will be out September 17. A good book that was a bit overlooked. Try it, you might like it.
Lots of changes in my life. I've been lucky to have known and been with some of the best people in the world. Thank God for great friends. In the words of Vito Corleone, "Life is so beautiful." Remember it!

All of my books may be ordered directly from me, and personally autographed. Meliot6041@​

In Paris

In a Tibetan village near Shangri-La with a little friend. May 2008

Paris. Photo by Xiaolei

with Gong Li, the Shanghai International Film Festival. Photo by Xiaolei

With "Uncle Junior" at the Friar's Club (sorry for the blurry image!)

Going up the mountain in Shangri-La. Elevation 14,000 feet.

New York City, on my roof

Steve McQueen

A history of Reagan's Hollywood years
A look at one of the most popular rock groups of all time, and the L.A. pop culture scene of the Seventies in which they helped spawn.
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A fresh look at the life of Jimmy Stewart
2. Hollywood Biography
A definitive biography of Hollywood’s greatest movie star.
1. Non-Fiction
"A rambunctious social and political history of Times Square."
--Publishers Weekly
Music Biography
The story of the first five years of the "making" of Bruce Springsteen, done with the cooperation of his first manager, Mike Appel
3. Music Biography
The true story of an American original, folk and protest singer Phil Ochs.
Hollywood Biography
The definitive and decidedly unauthorized biography of the Hollywood legend