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Coming March 14th - it's a good one!

Paperback edition of Jimmy Stewart, originally published in hardback October 2006. Pub date September 25th, 2007. First edition personally autographed copies to you (hard or paper)available directly through my email.

Publication date September 21, 2004. You may order an autographed copy directly from me via email, at a discount.

Here is the revised paperback version of "To The Limit," which has just gone back to press for another print run! This book has been in print now for ten years! The paperback is newly updated. You may order a personally autographed copy of this book directly from me at and at a discount. Send your requests by email

James Brown, "I Feel Good," written and with an introduction by me. An autographed copy of this book may be ordered directly from my email

The original American cover. I have a few copies of this edition available, with autograph, at the collector's price. Email me directly

The original American paperback edition

Original Mainland Chinese Edition

You may order an autographed copy of the rare hard-to-find original hardcover, unfortunately not at a discount, at collectors' prices, directly from the author, via

This book may be purchased directly from me, by linking to my email.

You may order a personally autographed copy of this book direclty from me and at a discount. Send your request directly to

You may order a personally autographed copy of this book directly from me, and at a discount. Send your request to

The original American cover

My Works

March 14, 2017
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Fall 2014

Jack Nicholson - A Biography

Paperback out now , and Audio, read by me. Foreign country editions include France Brazil, England, Croatia, Finland, South Korea, Japan, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

Paperback is out!

Paperback out now. Foreign editions published in Germany and The Czech Republic

Papterback coming in September!

Reagan in paperback! Fall '09

The hardback edition cover of "Ronald Reagan." .Published Fall '08

American Titan: Searching for John Wayne
A biography of the American Institution

SONG OF BROOKLYN -- Here is the first look at my major oral history of Brooklyn due to be published spring 2008!

Song of Brooklyn: An Oral History of America's Favorite Borough
OUT NOW! One of my favorite projects. It is a sequel to "Down 42nd Street" and something very special. Great interviews with many legendary figures and stories no one has ever heard before!


A completely new look at Jimmy Stewart, with many sources never before included in any Stewart biography. As with "Cary Grant," there is an extensive exploration of the directors and movies he worked with, as well as extraordinary new and revealing details of his life. Many photos have never been seen before.

Cary Grant
Published in the fall 2004:
A fully researched, fresh and dramatic look at Cary Grant, eliminating the myths and expanding upon the truths. The focus of the book is Grant’s search for his inner-self, buried by his enormous, iconic public image.

The New York Times bestselling work, written with Erin. We did something meaningful, as well as popular! I loved working with Erin and hope to again.

James Brown's memoir, written with and including an introduction by me. An autographed copy of this book is available directly from me via email.
James Brown, "I Feel Good," written with and including an introduction by Marc Eliot

This is the new, upgraded edition of my Eagles biography, available January '05, in bookstores, on Amazon or, or directly from me via my email.

Down 42nd Street
"Eliot paints a lively portrait of urban life...a popular and engaging look at “the crossroads of the world.”
--Publishers Weekly

Down Thunder Road
"Down Thunder Road" is the only true story of how Bruce Springsteen became a superstar. It details the first five years of extraordinary struggle, the unqualified devotion of manager/publisher/producer Mike Appel, and the dramatic story of their professional and personal split, just as "Born to Run" was about to take Bruce Springsteen from stardom status to legend. Based on never-before-seen court documents that include the amazing testimony of all the key players, including Bruce, Mike, Jon Landau, etc. We all love Bruce, by the way.

To The Limit: The Untold Story of the Eagles
Blending the country and folk fo the late sixties with the melodic seductiveness of Detroit-style roots rock, the Eagles brought a new sound to a stagnant scene. Under the brilliant management of David Geffen, the group quickly found itself at the pinnacle of the music world. The Eagles projected a public image of unshakable camaraderie -- embodied by the cerebral, simmering Don Henley and the intuitive, seducive Glenn Frey.

Death of a Rebel
The true story of an American original, folk and protest singer Phil Ochs: his battles with censorship, his desire to be a star, his blacklisting, surveillance by the FBI and finally, his ongoing bout with Schizophrenia that finally resulted in his death by suicide. Hundreds of interviews.

Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince, Mainland Chinese Edition

Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince
Shown here with its original and highly controversial cover is my 1993 biography of Walt Disney. Viciously and unfairly attacked by the Disney family, the book went on to publication in 21 languages, was one of the three winners of the 1977 British Krasna-Kraus awards, and remains in print throughout the world (with a new updated American version expected next year). This is the only biography published without the approvial, i.e. the control and supervision of the Disney organization. The stories about this book are legion, and almost as fascinating as the book itself. However, what survives is what I believe is among the best work I have ever done. I have some original print copies avaiable through my Website although not at a discount (at the going collector's rate, I'm afraid) that I will autograph for purchase.

The only true history of rock and roll may be discovered by "following the money." The first book of its kind that looked at the business, rather than the art, of rock and roll to explore how the industry worked, who got rich off the music, who didn't and why. Also published in England.


e.g. Fiction, History, Magazine Articles, etc. goes herebiography
A fresh look at the life of Jimmy Stewart
2. Hollywood Biography
A definitive biography of Hollywood’s greatest movie star.
1. Non-Fiction
"A rambunctious social and political history of Times Square."
--Publishers Weekly
Music Biography
The story of the first five years of the "making" of Bruce Springsteen, done with the cooperation of his first manager, Mike Appel
A look at one of the most popular rock groups of all time, and the L.A. pop culture scene of the Seventies in which they helped spawn.
3. Music Biography
The true story of an American original, folk and protest singer Phil Ochs.
Hollywood Biography
The definitive and decidedly unauthorized biography of the Hollywood legend