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Chosen by Boot as one of the top ten books of the year 2022


With my friend Joey Reynolds, The Palm, New York City, 2014.  Note my caricature on the "Wall of Fame."  The Palm is one of my many "living rooms" in Manhattan. 
With Merle in 1992.
Monmartre, a Paris. Photo by Xiaolei
with Gong Li, the Shanghai International Film Festival. Photo by Xiaolei
With Dick Cavett, New York City, 2008
With "Cousin" Brucie, New York City, 2008
With Robert Wagner, Universal Studios in Hollywood, 2007
With Bob Hope, Beverly Hills, ,2006. Photo taken by Dennis.
with kenny Vance, New York City, 2006
With Little Anthony and the Imperials, backstage, Brooklyn, 2006
With Deborah Norville on "Inside Edition," 2000
With Don Henley, Hollywood, 1997
With Davy Jones, Beverly Hills, 1996
On "Larry King Live,' Washington D.C., 1995
With Vicki Lawrence, "Miss Fireball," Hollywood, 1993
With Roy Clark, in Branson, Mo., writing our book, 1993
With Ed Bradley, New York City, 1977
With James Brown, Georgia, 2000