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Marc Eliot's "Art of Film," Riverfront Museum.  2019
With Holly Heston on "Good Morning New York," 2017
Filming British TV special on Steve McQueen - July 2018
At FreedomFest, 2019, where I was one of the keynote speakers, a featured panelist, and a noted speaker on Western films
Speaking at FreedomFest - Las Vegas, July 2016
Filming the documentary  "The Women He's Undressed," t about Hollywood clothing designer Orry-Kelly. Posing with  the acclaimed Australian director Gillian Armstrong. 2014
At the Jack Nicholson Pub party, Fall 2013
Lecturing on Clint Eastwood at FreedomFest, Las Vegas, 2011
signing books at FreedomFest
Guest-lecturing at the Greenwich Film Festival in March 2008
Signing copies of "Jimmy Stewart" at the Greenwich, Ct. Film Festival. 2008
On The Joey Reynolds Show, Joey, second from right Robert Davi, and me
With Vin Scelsa, on his show May 2008. Vin and I go way back; he's a great guy and has always been a big supporter of my writing.
With Robert Wagner at the opening-day ceremonies for the Jimmy Stewart Postage Stamp. Universal Studios, Los Angeles, August 17th, 2007